Sink Refinishing Los Angeles

sink before after resurfacing

Bathroom and Kitchen Sink

Why replace your sink, if we can reglaze your bathroom or kitchen sink!

Hair line cracks, chips and other imperfections can disappear once our professional work are done with the job. In in a short time and at low cost you will save thousands on installation fee’s and other remodeling costs.

Redecorating is the quickest way to give your kitchen or bathroom a fresh look. If you’re not handy with tools and have to hire professionals, our refinishing service is the best option to save money and have a friendly and quality service with years of experience.

We refinish kitchen and bathroom sinks one bowl or double bowl.  We are the most reliable, professional, and experienced bathtub refinishing company in Los Angeles, California. You will not be disappointed with our service.

sink before and after refinish

Service features

Text Reminder

We do SMS & Email Automatic Appointment Text Reminder.

Licensed Company

LIC# 1024657, We are certified by law to perform professional Refinishing Services.


Our system sends quotes and invoices electronically to your E-mail.

Materials Quality

We use only PBRA® Certified Materials made in USA, better finish duration.

Payment Methods

We have some payment methods, mainly check and cash.

Service Time

We offer the service in one day, made between 4 and 6 hours.

Frequent Questions:

We are able to refinish porcelain, fiberglass, ceramic tile, cast iron, acrylic, marble imitation, and formica. (We don’t refinish floors).

For the majority of our projects, we complete in just one day (4-6 Hours). Large projects will require follow-up visits to complete the job.

We schedule all jobs at least one week before. You must call, text or email us. We use smart software to schedule all jobs. You will get a Mobil text and email 24 hours before the job, for confirmation. You will replay Ok.

We recommend 2 days to let dry surface on Kitchen and Bathroom Sinks. In case you need the sink to use and have emergency, our products dry in 24 hours. Keep in mind 24 h after technician spray the products, usually around 12pm, so you can use the sink next day afternoon.

Our PBRA Certified Primers and top Coats VS Common Refinishing Coats:

Our Materials made in USA with Fluorocarbon Silicone Polymer technology, Can long last up to 5-20 years. (Blue = Our Coating, Red = Common Coating).

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