What is the price do you charge for a bathtub?

We charge according to nature of project. We consider: condition of the tub, distance, dimensions, rust area repair, cracks repair, dull color, porcelain or fiberglass, custom color, etc. In most cases, refinishing will save you about 60-70% over the cost of replace.

Together with our partners we go hand in hand, break the barriers and do everything we can to achieve the results and performance breakthroughs we jointly developed.

How long will it take to do the job?

For the majority of our projects, we complete in just one day. Large projects will require follow-up visits to complete the job.

Can you fix a rust area in my tub?

Absolutely yes, we can. We repair all rust areas on tub only. Most of the cases, we fix the rust area around the drain or overflow.

Can you repair the crack on my fiberglass shower?

Yes, we can, we repair cracks with fiberglass and special heavy-duty resins. Also, we perform reinforcement with foam injection underneath the tub. This is a special service we offer with an extra charge.

When can you do the job?

We schedule all jobs at least one week before. You must call, text or email us. We use smart software to schedule all jobs. You will get a Mobil text and email 24 hours before the job, for confirmation. You will replay Ok.

How long can long last the reglaze/refinish/products?

For a porcelain bathtub can long last up to 5-8 years. Fiberglass bathtub can long last 5-20 years. Must follow the instruction maintenance form provided by the technician. We handle PBRA certified primers and top coats made in the USA. This product has a 20 years warranty offered by the manufacturer (supplier) in the USA. We don’t buy any products from regular stores such: Home Depot, Lowe’s stores or any similar. We buy from USA authorized providers where a contractor license is required. Not sold to the public.

Do you stripe/etch the tub?

Yes we do. If the tub/sink/tile has been refinished before, we will stripe the surface. We use strong acids and chemicals to remove the old glaze. We only stripe porcelain bathtubs, porcelain sinks, and ceramic tiles. We do not stripe on fiberglass surface (will ruin forever the bathtub or shower). Be aware of providers who offer this chemical process on fiberglass/acrylic/formica/marble imitation surfaces. You will face big trouble, and replacement unit will be need it. This chemical is not sold in regular stores to the public.

Can I, my kids and my pets stay inside when you do the job?

Yes, you can, your kids and pets, can stay inside of a bedroom at the time when technician start spraying the products. There will be strong fumes. We use industrial ventilation blower whit a 32 ft long duct to take out the fumes. If someone in your hose has a lung condition disease, must go and stay away from house for about 24-48 hours.

Do you offer warranty?

Yes, we do. The fact, that 100% of jobs are a repair service, we as refinishers, we shouldn’t offer any warranty for this kind of job. But, we love our customers. We offer warranty against peeling or other failure of adhesion after job is done. Please call us for more information about the warranty. We carry a policy warranty terms and conditions to follow. Must follow the instruction form maintenance provided by technician after job is completed. Any failure to instructions, by tenant or owner, or user, will void the warranty immediately.

Do you remove the drain and fixtures?

No, we don’t. We are not plumbers. Our license is limited to apply synthetic products only. We never do plumber job. In case you have water drips (leaks) or need to replace fixtures, you must hire a qualified and licensed plumber in California before and after the refinish. We are not responsible for any chips or scratches made by plumbers or workers after we do the job.

When can I use my bathtub/sink/shower?

We recommend 2 days to let dry surface on porcelain tubs and 1 day for fiberglass tubs. Kitchen sinks 2 days, bathroom sinks 2 days. In case you need the tub to use and have emergency, our products dry in 24 hours. Keep in mind 24 h after technician spray the products, usually around 12pm, so you can use the tub next day afternoon.

Can you refinish a tub that has been already refinished?

Yes, we can. A tub that has been refinished before can be refinished again. Most of the cases, the old refinish is peeling, we will delaminate the entire surface (chemical stripping)

What kind of surfaces do you refinish?

We are able to refinish porcelain, fiberglass, ceramic tile, cast iron, acrylic, marble imitation, and formica. (We don’t refinish floors).

Do you offer anti-slip or non-skid service?

Yes, we do. We offer non-skid additive service. We add this feature to the floor of the tub or shower for an extra small of charge. There will be texture on the floor. We use special fine sand for this feature. Please advise when booking when you approve quote or before, we will be happy to add this service for you.

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